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Chongqing Municipal Environmental Hygiene Institute purchased stainless steel peel boxes
1. Specification: 1050mm×450mm×1035mm(±5mm);
2. The upper cover is made of 304# stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, and the side treatment adopts an arc design to avoid residual rainwater from corroding the top cover, and the four corners are rounded to prevent scratches;
Chongqing Kunxiang Jiangshanli Project, to forge an elegant quality of life, with complete supporting facilities
Kunxiang Jiangshanli Project is located at the intersection of Xinghua West Road and Shuangbao Road in Fuling District. It is the core of Fuling West City, surrounded by mellow life centers. It is located in the prosperous area, above the center of the plate between Fuling West City Fire Brigade Business Circle and Baolong Business Circle, and is close to Jiuzhou Hospital in Fuling District, Gaoshan Bay Hub Center, Jianmat Building Materials Market, etc., home shopping, leisure and entertainment, medical education, etc. .
Singapore order a number of outdoor tables and chairs, stainless steel benches
Singapore order outdoor furniture: plastic table and chair, stainless steel bench, tree chair, customer response is very satisfied after installation. Hope to cooperate for a long time!

The surface of the table and chair is treated by hot dipping. Its
outside stainless steel 3 compartment waste bin for customer
Model : BS120
Size : customized
This outdoor metal trash can is made of stainless steel and the surface is treated professionally to ensure the surface looks smooth and tidy.

Customers put 2 bins in some places and 3 bins in some places.

The capac
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